Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Paul Hates Grass

Paul had a mechanical with the mower yesterday, but I learned this morning that he got if fixed in typical MacGyver/Paul fashion and kept mowing until 10:00 last night. That's right, he mowed until 10:00. Keep that one in your mind when you think it takes too much work to trim the cedar that just smacked your face when you're bombing down a trail. Paul either loves mowing or has some sort of unresolved personal issues with vegetation. The dude is a mowing animal!

Paul says that most of the open areas are rideable and ready for your holiday weekend. We all owe Paul for his attack on grass. Now it's our turn to finish the job and tidy up what's left.

Paul's trusty mowing steed.

Mowing off into the sunset . . . seriously.


paxtoncoyote said...

I'm shooting to come out on Monday sometime as I have maybe a half a day or so off (weekend is booked solid)should I bring a Stihl weedeater or a Stihl chainsaw? Which trails need the most help? I'll probably just bring the hiking boots in lieu of mt bike.

Travis and Michelle said...


I'll be visiting my family in Broken Bow next week and would like to introduce my brother to the sport of mountain biking.

I'm planning on riding Wednesday July 7 and would like to check out Potter's Pasture.

Are the trails open enough to spend a couple of hours riding?

Is there a mowed area around the camps? I'm contemplating bringing the rest of the family along and letting the kids play.

Best regards,


Llama said...

What time do you plan on riding? I might be able to meet you out there and give you the guided tour. Let me know and I'll see what I can do. The old camp should be mowed. Stay in the old camp, but bring water, new camp is still overgrown.

Travis and Michelle said...

We ended up riding on Tuesday July 6. Rode for 2 1/2 hours, there are some awesome trails out there!

Next time I'll have to arrange to meet up with some of you locals, I picked a few routes that I couldn't ride up. I can definitely see where having a good pre-planned route would be better than piecing together a ride blind.

Really enjoyed the riding, thanks to everyone who makes it possible!