Saturday, May 16, 2009

Perfect Again

Temps were in the 60s, wind was light, and the trails were in great shape. We worked on photographing most of Church Grove and Hornitos (pics in a future post). It appears that word is getting out since there were a couple of travelers hanging out and riding when we rolled into camp around noon.

CQ on the entrance to Hornitos, it's trickier than it looks in this photo.

TV approaching the middle of Hornitos.

Llama navigating the last rut near the end of Hornitos (yes, again) .

Thursday, May 14, 2009

Potters Pasture - Updates to Come

Just a FYI to left the folks checking in from Guitar Ted's site and looking for Ballyhoo information . . . a couple of updates are in the works over here that will highlight various trail features and give a broader look at the history of the area.

Thursday, May 7, 2009

Thursday Night Dirt

An old schoolmate was in town, so we broke from the normal schedule and fit in a weekday night ride out at the pasture.

The skies looked a bit threatening, but the rain held off until we were off the trail.

Jason Kline finishing the big descent on Hornitos.

Paul's new trail signs look great. The spring trail work is really starting to make things much easier to navigate for the uninitiated.

The regular summer trail builders are getting ready to start their work. Just a few cows in the pen, but I'm sure the rest are on the way.

Oh yea, watch out for tics. They are the thickest I have seen in recent memory. Keep moving, don't stop or they will get you.

Sunday, May 3, 2009

Another Spring Camp Out Recap

For a couple of intrepid individuals, the Spring Camp Out began with a cold, rainy ride on Friday night.

We put in a few miles in daylight and finished off the ride with a blast down "Hornitos" with headlamps blazing. It's amazing how much deeper the valleys appear in the dark. The ride was relatively uneventful, no one had any near collisions with cows (as in years past).

Saturday began with a morning ride followed by some hiking to stretch the legs before the rest of the crew arrived.

The main ride of the day was a great loop featuring "Sweetness", the newly improved "Two Dogs", "First Way", "Church Grove", and "Hornitos". You can see Kelly and Jesse negotiating the last cut on "Two Dogs' in the picture above.

The new "Festival Camp" has plenty of room (especially before the crew arrived).

On the Saturday morning ride, Kelly, Chad, and I stumbled upon "Jim from Aspen" loading up in the regular camp (we were all over at the new festival campsite). It was great to see someone from out of the area enjoying the place. Sorry we didn't get to ride with you, Jim. Maybe we'll get a loop in on your return trip.

Saturday, May 2, 2009

A Day Well Spent!

What better way to spend a day than hammering some trails at Potter's Pasture with like-minded friends. Not a large group for the annual spring gathering, but the trails were in great shape. There was just a little rain sprinkle towards the end of the ride. The guys who spend every weekend there have got the place in fine shape for riding and camping as well as new signage going up. A fellow from Aspen, CO was even riding there this a.m. what the. . .

Lane on the left & Dennis "Deadhead" in the middle proved they're a couple of singlespeed, billy goat climbin' freaks. New guy Jesse on the right may become a "regular" after today, good to have another new face at the pasture!