Sunday, May 3, 2009

Another Spring Camp Out Recap

For a couple of intrepid individuals, the Spring Camp Out began with a cold, rainy ride on Friday night.

We put in a few miles in daylight and finished off the ride with a blast down "Hornitos" with headlamps blazing. It's amazing how much deeper the valleys appear in the dark. The ride was relatively uneventful, no one had any near collisions with cows (as in years past).

Saturday began with a morning ride followed by some hiking to stretch the legs before the rest of the crew arrived.

The main ride of the day was a great loop featuring "Sweetness", the newly improved "Two Dogs", "First Way", "Church Grove", and "Hornitos". You can see Kelly and Jesse negotiating the last cut on "Two Dogs' in the picture above.

The new "Festival Camp" has plenty of room (especially before the crew arrived).

On the Saturday morning ride, Kelly, Chad, and I stumbled upon "Jim from Aspen" loading up in the regular camp (we were all over at the new festival campsite). It was great to see someone from out of the area enjoying the place. Sorry we didn't get to ride with you, Jim. Maybe we'll get a loop in on your return trip.


evan, yo! said...

Hey, I see the blog says this place is publicly accessed, but you seem to leave out exact directions. Are you guys trying to keep this truly local? I live in Laramie and wouldn't mind checking it out one weekend this summer with a few friends. Do you think you could pass the directions my way?

MG said...

Lookin' good guys... I wish I could've made it out to ride with you this weekend, but I was out pedaling around on gravel in Iowa all weekend with a bunch of similarly dazed and confused characters. We'll talk to you soon.

Evan, I'm sure one of the locals will get you the exact directions.. Since I'm not local, all I'll probably do is succeed in confusing you, but long story short, it's near Jeffrey Lake, off the Brady exit (199) on I-80. From the exit, you go south on Banner road (the road at the exit) approx. 2-3 miles. Since it's private property (that is graciously allowed public access by its landowner, himself a mountain biker), the entrance isn't what you would expect from a "Parks & Rec" type of deal. It's definitely more "backcountry" than that, but if you invest the time in finding it, you'll be rewarded with some primo singletrack riding. Of that I have no doubt. Good luck!


evan, yo! said...

Thanks, MG.

Were you doing the Trans Iowa? That's something I think I'd like to attempt one of these years. I grew up in CB, riding at Lewis & Clark. If you're ever out in Laramie let me know and I'll show you the trails.

Llama said...

Evan, the detailed directions are coming. I couldn't remember exactly how many miles to each turn, so I just left out the info. The side bar should have the info soon. It is definitely a "backcountry", primitive type location. We're not trying to keep the area to ourselves - the more riders the better. We're just learning the ins and outs of trail publicity and management. We just have to remember that the owner is gracious enough to allow us access to this piece of paradise.

paxtoncoyote said...

Just an idea but could we post gps coordinates for those with navigation systems to either of the campsites, my son used to do the geo-caching & it worked for that. The gate to the old campsite is right around 10 miles off I-80, just need to get the turns right.

MG, way to rock a Trans Iowa finish, what a feeling that must be, one I'm sure I'll never experience!