Sunday, August 30, 2009


Late Saturday night, Matt Gersib and Mark Stevenson aka Guitar Ted rolled in to the pasture. They were fresh off of races in Eastern Nebraska and eager to get some rest before hitting the trails Sunday morning.
That's an odd place to leave a sleeping bag.

It's Matt Gersib . . . sleeping on a table.

Here's Matt again, a little more awake, on the first chute up "Sweetness".

The Salsa Big Mamas were out in force. Chad, Matt, and Mark were all piloting orange Salsas. There was a bit of confusion before the rollout as the guys momentarily lost track of which bike belonged to whom. The Big Mama is the perfect bike for trails like Potter's. It takes the hoof marks and root steps and simply makes them disappear . . . or so I'm told. I've never ridden one myself, but the three mamas boys seemed to have a blast.
Chad Quigley, followed by Matt Gersib on "Horseshoe Canyon".

Mark Stevenson chasing down MG and CQ from the pic above.

This weekend's ride was mostly a scouting trip in preparation for the Big Wheeled Ballyhoo, a 29er festival like no other for all (26ers are welcome, but prepare to be converted). It looks like things are shaping up for a great time at some truly special trails.