Sunday, June 20, 2010

Ante Up and Kick In

It's time for pasture riders to come together to help make Potter's rideable again. Currently the grass and trees have grown to a degree that riding is almost impossible. If we can get a number folks together, I'll rent the brush hog and help out as well. Over the past year, there have been only a few who have helped with the mowing, trimming, and dirt work. With all the rain (and subsequent vegetative growth), it's just too much for the few of us to tackle with hope of success.

Post a reply in the comments section with your availability if you are able to help out. If there are no takers, then I'll be heading for Wyoming this weekend to get a helping of singletrack.

The pictures below were taken before another 4+ inches of rain fell on the area.

"Camp Trail" . . . good luck finding this one.

The first climb on "Rip Off" is dangerously green.

The entrance to "Brian's Way"

The CQ/Llama secondary fire pit at new camp.

This is what some trails should look like if we get it mowed soon.

For now, the wildlife have their run of the place.


capn cowbell said...

I may be able to on Sunday. I am hopefully heading to Fort Collins to get the Blacksheep and can pass thru Sunday to work. If not let me know when others will be there and I will try to make it.

Llama said...

I'll post an update here if/when we get a time set up. It's looking like Sunday may be the day. Blacksheep . . . nice. My plain steel Waltworks won't be here for another week.

pedalhead said...

Need to know if Sunday is a go or not, I plan on renting a mower. Also the Do It Center has a walk behind brush hog mower for 60.00 dollers a day.

Llama said...
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Llama said...

I just got word that a few folks that we thought could make it can't. I guess the plan for the weekend is mow if you want, but there will not be anything organized. I may camp at old camp with a line trimmer and a brush hog, but I may end up in Wyoming. We're now looking at a date in mid July when a number of folks are back in town.