Friday, June 4, 2010

Green Alert

Summer is taking hold of the pasture and a few friendly reminders are necessary.

Start looking at your calendars, because we're going to need to get a group together to mow some of the taller grass and trim back the cedar growth (Church Grove is getting dangerous).

The cows are in. This means that closing gates behind you is critical. Additionally, cows are docile animals, but are very large and powerful. If spooked, they can be dangerous. When approaching the herd, slow down, talk to them in calm voice, and try to pass on the outskirts of the group. Never go barreling at full speed through the center of a mass of cows, they will freak out and endanger themselves and you.

With cows comes dung, so keep your mouth closed, wipe off your water bottles, and call out the "freshies" so your buddies behind you can take appropriate action.

The snakes are out in full force. We've seen far more in the past month that all of last season.

Many snakes are harmless, but beware, the rattlers are out. Be careful in the tall grass, keep the tires rolling, and use the buddy system. You don't want to be alone if you get bit by one of these nasties. Even if you have a cell phone, the valleys offer no reception.

I have more video to edit that includes a cool run down Hornitos, and an old post from "CQ in Electronic Exile" that needs to get done, but for now, the trails are calling.

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Anonymous said...

I just wanted to thank the Potters and whoever else went into the idea of Potters Pasture. It was my first time out, I'm from Omaha, NE. And I fell in love with this place. It was HUGE and varied in difficulty which was nice. It was however pretty difficult to find some of the trails because of overgrown vegetation but overall it was worth it and I plan on coming out again and bringing some members from my group.

Brandon Miller, Organizer
NE Adventure Group