Friday, July 2, 2010

Trail Work Monday 7-5-2010

It sounds like a lot of the crew will be out at Potter's on Monday to do some trail work. Paul is camping out, the Coyote may make an appearance, and numerous others will be out. Come if you can, bring your trimmers, push mowers (some trails can't be accessed with the brush hog), and weed whackers.

Paul made some notes from his last trip to the pasture about what needs to be done;

"Need to hit the access trails and the local favorites first.

Trails to chain saw; Church Grove and cut off, South end of Trail Ridge by the pew, Sweetness, Tripple By-Pass, Potters Perfection the down hill single trk (which was the old way up it), and theres 200 ft left to trim in the middle of Zipper. That would be a good start.

Trails to weed eat; Horse Shoe Canyon (push mower), Rip-Off Ridge, there's three flat sections by the barbed wire fence on First Way by the dirt road, if we dont get to them soon we'll lose them till spring, the middle section of Tunnel vission in the woods, there's a grassy section about 300 ft long."

I would add that Cedar Ridge needs chainsaw and dirt work and 6 Guy needs some trimming near the drop off at the bottom.

Hope to see everyone trimming AND riding this week.


CQ said...

I am out of town this weekend . Have a great day at the Pasture folks !!

dj said...

Hey there Kyle,

I was out at Potter's the week after the 4th for a nice long ride and couldn't have been happier for how good of shape the trails were in. Rode Horseshoe, Church Grove, Freeway, Pump Hill, and then Church Grove again to the parking lot. Thanks to you and your crew for keeping the trails in good condition for all who enjoy them.

David Rowan,
Salt Lake City

dj said...

Hey Kyle,

I wanted to drop you a note and say "thank you" to you and your crew for keepin Potter's maintained. I was out at Jeffrey the week after July 4th and managed to get in a ride out there between rain storms. Rode Horseshoe, Freeway, Church Grove, Pump Hill, and Church Grove again back to the parking area. You could definitely tell there had been some recent work done out there. Thanks for keeping the place maintained for all that enjoy it.

David Rowan,
Salt Lake City