Tuesday, July 6, 2010

The Bozeman Connection

Tuesday May 18th started off like every other Tuesday , up at 5 and off to the office to irradiated by the computer screen for eight hours. I was well into the morning when I spoke with Llama only to find out he was not able to hit the TNR at the "South 40 " location . Bob "The Man " was also out . While toiling away I decided a look at MTBR was in order. Maybe that would spark some renewed passion in me. I cruised a couple of boards and then noticed I had a private message !!! Sweet !! It was from a contact I had made that was from Bozeman MT. and they were going to camp and do a layover ride at Potters on the return trip home. I suppose my TNR conundrum is now solved . Now if you've ever been to Potters you know cell phones only function in the "phone booth" so after several missed calls I received a text that they were at Potters. I shut down and hit the road for the thirty mile commute home to load up for the twenty mile drive to the trail head at old camp. The Bozeman crew had went out for a quick ride before I arrived so I took off to find them. I had a darn near full loop in when I ran into Paul B and Jeff. We headed back to camp to regroup . Tyson and Matt were back from the adventure they had on a few of the not so well traveled trails they found. We chatted awhile and the hit the real goods that Potters has to offer . The loop took us on the classic route that includes Church Grove,Upper Hornitos, 6 Man climb " Lower Hornitos , The Desert , and Ceder Ridge. Paul B and his crew bailed when we arrived back at camp. The Bozeman crew and I chatted it up and had some beer that they brought with them . I had a decision to make on the way out between BEER or good FIREWOOD as an offering to the visitors. I chose firewood because it was suppose to cool off and we were between rains . I had a great time riding with you guys and hope to see you again . Maybe next time in Big Sky Country !!!
CQ in exile


neal.hoss said...

anybody riding potter's today 7/9?

Llama said...

None of the regulars I know are riding today. Some of us will be out there 7/10.