Saturday, October 25, 2008

Life's obstacles

In life we have obstacles, just like we do at Potter's Pasture, but we adapt to overcome obstacles in life as well as at Potter's. Steep climbs, fast, rooty descents, fresh cow pies, heat, cold, wind, rain, an occasional rattlesnake, a broken bone or bike part, it's part of our hobby & part of our "slice of heaven" out here in western NE.

Much like the elk that are moving back to these parts after more than 100 years of absence we've adapted to our "riding range" & in my opinion are "thriving", just as the elk are once again! I'm grateful for a place like this to ride, take my family, camp, hang out with like-minded friends that I've met there over the years & just LIVE! The memories I've made out there will be with me forever as will the friends I've made, RIDE your BIKE, SMILE & LIVE, it's all good people!


CJ said...

So, are you goin to tell us the best way to avoid a rattle snake strike while riding out at Potter's?

paxtoncoyote said...

That's easy, BIG bunny hop! You can practice at home using small children! HA!

CQ said...

cj I ride Potters almost every weekend and have not seen one rattler this year !! Not that big of an issue .

Llama said...

I've seen some bull snakes, lots of turkeys, bobcat/cougar tracks, dung beetles, porcupines, turtles, frogs, lizards, cows, horses, vultures,hawks, and one surprised coyote crossing the trail in front of me, but no rattlers. Yes, they are out there, but it is rare to find them while riding.

paxtoncoyote said...

Yeah, when I said "occasional" I should have said one sighting by me since 2003 when I began riding out there, clear up to the northeast by Double downhill where there's very few cedars, they like the open country more.

Guitar Ted said...

Dung beetles! Now that sounds pretty cool.

We've got most of the rest of that, 'cept the lizards. Heck, they're saying we have bears back in Iowa now. I don't doubt it.

Saw a mountain lion foot print here a couple of years ago. They say we've got those amongst us now too.

It's all good. You just have to keep your eyes open.