Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Big Wheeled Ballyhoo

It's official the Big Wheeled Ballyhoo is coming to Potter's Pasture in fall of 2009.  The exact dates are in flux, but will most likely be the second week in October (in conjunction with the normal fall camp out).  This blog is in its infancy, but expect there to be future updates and additional features added in the future.  The Big Wheeled Ballyhoo is an event created by 29er advocate, "Guitar Ted".  It was originally a big camp out and demo weekend for those who love or are interested in bigger wheels.  The Ballyhoo at Potter's will retain the original mission to be a place for 29er lovers to meet and ride.  Potters is the perfect place for 29ers.  I'll expand on the terrain and the benefit of the 29er out here in future posts.  Additionally, I've planned a series of posts dealing with trail features that are unique to cow-created trails and how to navigate them.  Also, if you're a interested in more information about Potter's, Cow Trails, or anything 29er related, drop us a line over here at the blog.


Captain Bob said...

Awesome! I have never riden in an environment like this. Can't wait!!!

Very nice!

CJ said...

Wow, when you get a firm date, make sure to post it on the blog.

Sounds like a great time.

Guitar Ted said...

I'm excited too, just like Captain Bob. I am also stoked to be getting this back to its roots and to be getting to know you guys out there better.

Ride on!

MG said...

I'm lookin' forward to working with you guys to bring the Ballyhoo to the Pasture!! It's gonna' be a hoot and a holler...


2wheels4strings12ounces said...

Can you give me an idea of where this slice of trail goodness is located?