Sunday, April 24, 2011

Spring . . . Maybe?

The pasture is looking to have weathered winter fairly well. Sorry the pics are not that great, forgot the good camera and had to make due with the phone camera. The only other souls on the trail this weekend that I saw were a few turkeys. No cows, no deer to be seen, nothing. Just quiet and serene. The weather was cool and cloudy. Spring is on the way, but it's hiding its advance very well.

Green is everywhere just waiting to pop and engulf everything.

Still a lot of mud in the low lying spots. Old Camp is still very wet. I parked at Festival Camp and had mud-free parking and access without having to slog through the muck.

The "new valley" on the Desert has really crept up on the trail. A few more rains and we'll be rerouting along the shoulder of the canyon . . . probably should just go ahead and do it now.

Like many of the "roads", Drunken Karen is washed out in fantastic fashion.

Typical of the bottom of the bulldozer roads. Most of them have a "delta" at the bottom.

I really have no idea what happened here . . .

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