Sunday, April 17, 2011

April Showers

Went to Potter's today to see how the trails held up to the snow and rain we had. I knew it would be a crap shoot at best to even find a decent route. I hit the new Reaper's Ridge climb and some fun in tree's!! It turned out to be a tad bit muddy with snow in areas still. I did a loop around the perimeter that had around 10 miles of some of my favorites. I ended up cranking out two loops for a total of 17 miles. I ended up riding in complete solitude!! It is a totally different experience all alone, but I like it sometimes!! The weather closed in and it started to rain as I was leaving.


Coming down crack-a-lak was interesting in the snow.

The roots on Reaper's Ridge were fun to say the least!!!!

A nice pic at the top of Pump Hill.

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CJ said...


Looks like you are still enjoying the Salsa Big Mamma. I hope to make it out and ride with you guys for at least one day of the Spring Camp Out