Sunday, April 3, 2011

Breaking in a new ride

I received a call from T Laub that his friend TJ had pulled the trigger on a new ride!! They were heading to Potter's to get a quick break-in ride for TJ's new Rock Hopper. Heck he didn't even let the smell of the shop clear before they picked me up. We did a nice loop to get him familiarized with a few key routes and landmarks. It was a very nice 84 F while we were riding. I was not prepared for what the trails had in store for my legs at all. I was on the SS and it didn't dawn on me till the first climb that I was running a 32x17 which was a bit steep for me at Potter's!! On the way back to "Old Camp" heard T Laub talkin' up the Big Hill descent into camp. Well I cut off onto the single track down and they bombed the two track . I watched as TJ made it and stopped to watch T Laub launch off the nice jump at the bottom. He landed the first one and then dropped into the road cut near the windmill . Not such a good landing here !! Lots of dust and debris flying everywhere!!! He was in one piece and had some very nice raspberries to show off. We discovered that blood had been let so all in all it was a great day at the pasture !!

TJ all smiles after a great ride !!
T Laub all smiles cause nothing was broke !!!

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