Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Camp Out Reminder

All sorts of folks have been out on the trails in the last week, and most agree, that they are in excellent condition. Don't miss out this weekend. There is the usual night ride on Friday, riding all day on Saturday with a potluck cook out in the evening. Meet at the "new" camp and take in the great outdoors.

Everyone is riding, don't be left out.

Six Guy climb is now Eight Guy climb as a handful of intrepid riders from Wisconsin can attest.

NQ on the climb past the waterfall at The Desert.

Two of the Wisconsin visitors on Rip Off just outside of "old" camp.


Ryan said...

Thanks again for showing us around. We may be back yet as Bryan wants to try and make it 9 guy hill after honing his skills in Moab and Grand Junction/Fruita! Keep up the good work guys! You ROCK!

CQ said...

I checked your blog out and it looks like your trip is going well!! It was great having you guys pop in and give our little slice of MTB heaven a go. Stop back anytime.I will try to be in a little better shape next time around.It never gets old meeting fellow MTB riders and sharing the trails !!


bontrag said...

Thanks for the great weekend. Check out my blog: