Sunday, April 25, 2010

Trail Etiquette, or An Open Letter to Two Unknown Riders

Normally, we keep things bland and factual on this blog, but a trip to the pasture today requires that the normal riding recount be suspended for a note on trail etiquette at Potter's pasture.

Today I headed out to the pasture with "The Man" - not to be confused with the man who's trying to keep us down, or a guy over at Goldman Sachs, but Bob The Man - maker of fine kayaks and other creations . . . I digress already . . . so Bob and I are riding along on our way from the top of "Church Grove" over to "Horseshoe Canyon" via "Bulldozer" road, when we see a couple of riders in the distance.

We bombed down "Bulldozer" and I caught up to a couple of strangers at the water tank near the entrance to "Horseshoe Canyon". Before I was upon them, they mounted their bikes and headed off. As I approached the riders, I realized that I had no idea who they were. I said: "Good afternoon" . . . no response. I rode a few more feet behind them and said; "Nice afternoon, huh?" . . . still no response. I said; "Nice dog, I don't think I've seen you out here before" . . . still no direct response from the bikers. I now am assuming that they still didn't hear me. At this point, biker one says to biker two; "I think we have a tailgater back there". Biker two responds with something unintelligible. At this point I was well past the entrance to "Horseshoe Canyon" where Bob would no doubt be looking for me, so I gave up on being cordial to these turkeys and turned around.

So . . . who were you? Why do you bring the big city attitude to this humble little place? Maybe you were a West Coaster who is use to ignoring your fellow man. No? Maybe you were a high profile public figure who didn't want to get busted enjoying such a pedestrian activity as riding a bike on dirt. No? Maybe you saw me riding toward you in my knickers and thought I might be a little "off". . .

I assure you that knickers are an acceptable form of cycling apparel, and are much more manly than lycra shorts.

We've had a few more new comers and non-locals at the trails since we've been doing a bit of sharing with this blog and on MTBR.

Hopefully we wont regret letting more folks know about the riding here.

If you come to Potter's, there are many things you should know. I guess we'll have cover all of them in future posts, since we can no longer assume that visitors have any shred of common sense. The most important rule, the one that guides all others, is to be friendly.

If you're new to the trails, most likely the guys you find riding are locals who know where to find the good trails.

We're the guys who do the trail work and know where the cool new trails are . . . before we're done building them and listing them on the map.

Maybe you just didn't want to talk to Bob. We all felt like that in the beginning, but we promise you won't have play the game demonstrated below to ride the trails.

In all seriousness, You never know when the rider you blow off might be Mr. Potter himself.

You don't have to ride with us, just acknowledge other riders with a kind greeting. Phrases like; "Hello", "Good Morning/Afternoon/Evening", or "Hey, Nice Knickers" are excellent choices.

If you're new to the area, drop us a line and apologize for behaving like a diva. If you are a local, hang your head in shame and bring the post ride beer next time. Newcastle is good, Guinness works as well, if you bring Odells Bourbon Barrel Stout, you can be a jerk any time you want.


capn cowbell said...

Sad to hear about the ignorance shown by others. On a brighter note, I take the boards on Monday and I am planning on coming your way in a few weeks. Hooray. Cant wait to let the cowbell ring out there.

Llama said...

Good luck on the boards! If you decide to camp, let us know, we'll be happy to share some stories and beer around the fire with ya.

Ryan said...

They obviously weren't from Wisconsin. We're they on road bikes? I'd sure like to think that MTB'rs were more easy going but I guess that's like saying all gramma's make really good cookies.

Llama said...

Naw, those Wisconsin folks were top notch! These guys were on FS 26ers. I think one was on a black/silver Giant. I guess if one rides long enough, they are bound to come across the exception to the rule. We are so blessed that 95% of the folks that come through the pasture are great people.

Grumpy said...

Make sure when the Capn stops by he brings the beer!
Too bad about the unfriendly s, They have know idea what they are missing. The people at Potters are the best! And they are missing out on a great group of riders and a whole lot of fun! Keep up the Potter spirit!

Jonesy said...

While my husband and I were not the two riders that you saw, we are two "strangers" who have been enjoying your trails. The trails were in excellent shape with improved signage from what we remember from last year. We hope to get out there a few more times this year. Maybe we will see some of you locals there. We promise to say hello.

Happy riding!

Shaleah & Keith from Broken Bow