Monday, March 29, 2010

Spring Camp Out - April 16th-18th

The Potter's Pasture Spring Camp Out is right around the corner. Although trails are drying out, there is more work to do to clean up from the effects of all the snow from the winter. We'll use the new "festival camp" for this spring's gathering. I'll try to get some pictures up of the new trail work that CQ has been killing it to complete. His new Reaper's Ridge section will rock.


CJ said...

What time are you staring on Friday..I gots to work on Saturday, but I might try and come out for an afternoon of riding b4 heading home that evening.

Llama said...

I imagine that folks will start showing up some time in the afternoon. We always do a night ride with lights on Friday. We'll head out around 8:00 and ride until we can't pedal anymore.

CQ said...

It sounds like some of the folks will be there on Thursday also. I plan on heading out on Friday mid morning or so.