Saturday, June 13, 2009

More Grass

The rains keep coming and the grass keeps growing.

Can you see the stock tank directly in front of the vehicle?

We ended up moving to higher ground away from the saturated valleys and did some trail work on "Horsehoe Canyon" The cordless sawzall made tree work much faster.

The newly cleared section on "Horseshoe Canyon". This new route extends the trail by following the edge of the canyon and flowing more with the contour of the land.


dmars said...

Where are you guys at. I am from Omaha and I am thinking of coming out to ride. Do I need special permission? Do the cows graze on the pasture during the summer, spring, fall etc? Can I ride with the cows on the pasture? If so, Sure hope the cows are truly vegaterians;)

dmars said...

I just read your front page of the blog again. I did notice that, you give your location, that it is acceccible to the public, and that its ok to ride with the cows. Amazing what happens when you read.
I really wondering about the CARNIVOROUS cows though;) The map is a great feature too. How many miles of trail is there, and are they marked well. Looks like one could get lost there if not careful

Llama said...

You don't need special permission, just close the gate behind you. The cow are out there most of the summer. There are a few of them now, but more to come. Cows will run down the trail in front of you of you don't manage your approach . . . sounds like a good blog entry.

Generally if you take angle and talk to them as you approach, they really do nothing. Managing cow pies is an art, you have to know when to bunny hop. :-). The cows won't eat you, the coyotes generally run from you as do the bobcats. The mountain lion might want a snack, though.

You could certainly get lost if you let it get away from you. There are about 30 miles of trail and the signs are a work in progress. It's usually easier to ride with a local your first time out. Drop me a line on the blog if you want a guide when you come out, we can probably set you up.