Monday, June 22, 2009

Last Week in Review

Last week there was a bit of action at the pasture. Too much riding, not enough time for blogging.

On Tuesday, Paul borrowed a Grasshopper mower and cleared a swath through the jungle in the valley. I hit some areas with a weed whacker, but Paul did most of the work. If you see Paul say thanks. Also, we need to take up a collection to help pay for fixing the mower.

On Thursday, Chad worked the pit crew for the "pasture shuttle"after I hit the upturned cattle guard on the north side of the gate. We met up with Kristy Holland (thanks again for the use of the vice grips) who was passing through on the way to an adventure race in Fairbury. Kristy rode a couple of loops and did some GPS mapping for a national magazine.

OK, so this pic is about 60% of what I was going for . . . ah the life of an amateur photographer.

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