Monday, June 8, 2009

Eastern Nebraska

Last Friday, I had the opportunity to hit Platte River State Park with distance rider extraordinaire, Matt Gersib, and the 26th most popular cyclist on the web, Guitar Ted. Guitar Ted has an excellent write up on his blog, just follow the link above.

My perspective is from someone who rides in the dry, open, West. It's amazing how much of a difference there is between, Eastern Nebraska and Western Nebraska trails. Platte is a tight, foliage enclosed roller coaster. It's a blast, but was I ever slow. No spring training will do that, I suppose. At Platte, you have to remain focussed since the trail is always changing directions. They really made use of a tight space - very efficient trail design. I think we could take some cues from Platte in the new extension of Cedar Ridge and the new festival camp loop.

Sorry for the lack of pics, nothing from the camera turned out . . . it's time to ditch the little P&S, blow the dust of what I learned in college photojournalism, and take some real pics . . . right after I finish these summer classes, mow the lawn, bleed a pesky rear brake, paint the living room, housebreak the monkey . . . you know, the usual stuff.

I the rain holds off today, a fast loop at Potter's may be on order.


Guitar Ted said...

Hey, it was great meeting you, riding with you, and getting to hang out with you afterwards at Platte. Man! Those are some tough, killer trails.

It's the sort of stuff we deal with all the time out here in "the east"! Ha ha!

Hopefully MG and I can make a trip out soon to suffer in the drier western air of Nebraska before the Ballyhoo!

Llama said...

I want another crack at those trails with a little better preparation. I can't believe how thick the air felt under that canopy.

Let me know when you guys are thinking about coming west, we'll make sure to show you guys a great time.