Saturday, April 18, 2009

A Break in the Weather

With a momentary break in the weather, CQ and I hit some extra-wide single track.
Since Potter's was most likely sopping wet from the 2 inches of rain in the last day, we were forced to do the "Dirty-Roadie" thing to get some base miles. The gravel was compacted and rolled pretty well and the views got better as we got further into the canyons.
At the top of the climb for the day, the weather instantly changed. The temperature dropped 10˚ and the wind started blasting out of the north west. Rain clouds were ahead and we were planning to get wet.
We got a surprise bail out from Bob THE Man who pulled up in his little truck with reports of torrential rain and hail just down the road. I didn't get a picture since there was no room to pull out the camera; Imagine three adult-size guys and one springer spaniel inside a regular cab ford ranger.

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