Saturday, April 11, 2009

April Snow

It was over month ago that winter had lost its grip on central Nebraska. Since that time, we've experienced two April snow storms. The Pasture is a bit muddy in spots and some snow remains. The ground has that "spongy" feeling that sucks the energy from your tires. Even with the less than perfect conditions, many were out on the trails today.

Tiffany came along for the ride. This was the maiden voyage on her new Soul Cycles Dillinger, a 100mm forked, geared 29er hardtail.

She loved it! It was much more controllable and a better climber than the Pugsley.

Other folks were out despite the cool, windy, and wet conditions. Mike and his crew from Kearney, Luke (I think that's right, I'm awful with names) from Gothenburg, and Mitch (now linked in the sidebar) from the front range. There may have been more people out as well. With newer folks out riding Potter's, it enhances the need to get the signage figured out. Sorry the signage is in a state of disarray, folks. It's difficult to keep signs in good order when the cows are so destructive. We've got a few ideas, we just need to pick one and run with it.

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