Saturday, February 20, 2010

Quiet Days

On Friday the wife and I headed out to the pasture for some hiking and snooping to see how Potters was handling the long, lonely winter. It looks unlikely that the pasture will be ready for the dirt starved to gorge themselves anytime soon.

Camp is cold and quiet.

Looking to the West, the silence and snow continue as far as one can see.

The pasture shuttle barely made the scramble up slick slopes, but came through as usual.

Looking Southwest at the top of Church Grove.

At the intersection of Upper Church Grove and Church Grove Cutoff.

Under the snow was a solid, thick layer of ice.

The trails in winter are stunning.

We were not alone.

Smallish bobcat tracks crossed the middle section of Church Grove.

The trees have drooped over many sections of trail.

Some limbs have snapped, making hiking . . . and spring trail maintenance interesting.

The quiet solitude of a hike through the snow recharges the spirit.


capn cowbell said...

Looks great out there. Can't wait to get back out there to do a bit of riding.

Deadhead said...

Yeah we threw some trees out of the way a few weeks ago. Cedars must not like a lot of heavy snow. We will definitely need to pack a saw along next time and most likely need some chainsaw action in places.