Sunday, January 17, 2010

January Thaw

With winter and the January thaw keeping the pasture mucky, CQ and I put in some time on the extra-wide singletrack.

This is a shot into the canal. It looks like the critters have been working on the trees along the bank. We saw a couple of kids upstream playing in the snow and then heard "mom" stop by and lay into them for breaking something and not wearing any shoes. I guess 50* feels like spring to more than just the mtb riders.

A shot of the gravel weapons for the day. CQ went simple with a SS, I brought an embarrassing level of bling - seriously, it embarrasses me.

The lakes are still frozen solid even though its been warmer lately.

The ice was thick enough that it made a decent rideable surface. CQ can be seen riding the slalom between ice fishing holes.

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