Saturday, November 7, 2009

Return of Fall . . . Again

The 14" of snow in the Brady area from a week ago has almost fully melted. The riding is great if you are selective with your trail choice. There are a lot of downed and uprooted trees, so a hike-a-bike becomes necessary in some areas until we get them cleared.

The ridge trails and those with good exposure and drainage are perfect (minus a few deep hoof marks).

Shaded trails like Rhems Way are sloppy, sloppy, sloppy.

Evidence of the major snow storm is still present, but should be gone in another week if the forecast holds.

If you take the correct line, the valley is dry enough to ride.


CQ said...
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CQ said...

Would have liked to hit the Pasture last weekend,but instead I took the Redline to Norfolk and rode from the folks' to my sis in laws .Which was 56 miles of Cowboy Trail with a head wind both ways!! We went back to see the new nephew and just kinda hang out.