Sunday, November 22, 2009

Late Fall Trail Report: Saturday

Met up with Paul on his new Fuji 29er. The Fuji Tahoe is a really sweet rig. The price is reasonable and the parts spec is great. Even though we ran into a number of trail issues due to downed trees, Paul was loving life on his new 29er.

Church Grove is buried under a number of downed trees. Both the cut off and upper sections were hike-a-bike adventures.

We have no idea what makes mounds like this. Paul dug down into some of the deposits and couldn't find a hole of any kind.

Paul rolling the big wheels.

The new Fuji up close.


paxtoncoyote said...

Another 29er convert, SWEET!

CQ said...

It took awhile but I have a hunch there will be more converts to the 29 crowd. Nice bike Paul .

Todd said...

Nice bike, can't wait til spring so we can come out and ride again, Todd