Sunday, February 5, 2012

Cyclesport's Potter's spring fling news

The weekend of the 14th, we had a camper at old camp with 9 county plates that left behind a cutting tool for trail trimming. It looks brand new, to claim it, please contact Patty at Cycle Sport 308-530-1897.

"Potters Pasture Cow Pie 100"

There's a group of us that were looking forward to competing in a 12 hour race in Lincoln this Spring, unfortunately they moved the date to June! This date doesn't work for any of us. So let's have our own, kinda. Jeff Ben and I want to attempt a 100 mile trail ride at Potters, self contained no hoopla. Starting at new camp during our Annual Spring Camp Out, ( April 20-22.) This will take place on Sat. 21st, we plan on starting at 6am. Anyone wanting to join us, is more then welcomed too!!! The course will be a 13m loop.
The local runners in our area have also been invited to run the course as well. We all can suffer together! You can do a 25-50-75 or 100 mile ride, give or take a couple of miles. The runners can do a shorter 5k run or the full loop, a half or full marathon. The course will go past 4 water spigots and will be marked to the best of our ability.
At 5pm we will have our usual Pot Luck dinner, if you would like to join us, please bring a covered dish.
Feel free to spend the weekend, we have space for tent and RV camping. We have running water, bathrooms and firewood only, everything else is up to you!
This is a "just for fun ride and run". You do this at your own risk!

Happy Trails everyone... Paul

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