Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Pack out what YOU bring in !!!!

This was discovered in old camp after the Memorial weekend. There were some folks camping there that weekend while most of the locals were at new camp. It was mentioned that they hailed from points east near Lincoln or Lincoln proper. PACK OUT ALL OF YOUR TRASH !!! This is not a state park with people that clean up after people that can't seem to put there refuse in a proper place. There are quite a few people who cherish this place and put a huge amount of time into it. It is private land that can be closed because of crap like this. We have had people from a ton of states visit Potter's and loved it like it was their local haunt. It's sad to have to say that this may have been done by someone from our own state. I hope a couple of the riders got pics of the suv with plate so we can let these loser's know what we think of this. You had a great weekend and didn't have to finish the drive to the Black Hill's as stated by the female in the group. Maybe you should keep going next time. PACK IT OUT !!!!!!

Rant Over

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George said...

Excellent rant ! ! Absolutely on target.