Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Fall campout, version 2

with some of us missing the first early fall campout it was time to pack up & head to Potter's pasture to do "Version II"

remnants from one year ago, MINUS the foot of white, fluffy stuff!

after watching the sun set from Highline it was time to turn on the lights

and do an excellent night ride

the breakfast club after a drizzly night of camping

there was no lack of good food or,

FRESH water!

this windmill is a welcome landmark after a long week in the "real world" what a great way to spend a weekend with friends, bikes & everything else that goes with it.


Oscar said...

Heading westward for the weekend. Anyone going to be riding Saturday afternoon?


Llama said...

Depends on trail conditions. If we have two days of rain, it might officially usher in single speed season. I'm planning on being there in the afternoon.

Emily said...

Who would I contact about possibly filming a small documentary about Potter's Pasture, and what is their contact information?