Saturday, August 14, 2010

Last Gasp Triathlon 8/21/10

This note copied from Paul's Facebook posting; Ron Snell and I are putting on a last Gasp, just for fun triathlon at Potter's Pasture. Aug. 21st at 8am. No fee, medals or time. We will meet at the new campground. Bring your mtb or cycle cross bike. Course layout has a twist to it. We will leave as a group and ride 10 miles of gravel and paved roads to Jeffery Lake, then do a open water swim in a cove near the dam, then ride our bikes 9 miles back to camp on paved and gravel roads. Then run or walk a 5k on the trails at Potters. At the start of each event we will wait for everybody to catch up before heading out again. There will be a Pot Luck dinner afterwards, so bring your favorite dish. Paul Siebert from Aurora may join us and if so he will bring his trusty Guitar. Should be a lot of fun hope to see u there.

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paxtoncoyote said...

Sounds fun except for the swimming, I'm a sinker! OK maybe not a trail runner either but still sounds fun, hope you have a good turnout.