Monday, September 7, 2009

Holiday Weekend

CQ and I spent most of Saturday working on trail maintenance. The Ballyhoo "Test Loop" is now open with a short option and an longer expert option. CQ worked the lawn mower most of the day and Horse Shoe Canyon is now 100% done. Hornito's still needs some tree work, but is in fine shape as well. First Way needs a lot of help . . . if you are looking for a project, head on over there and get to bushwhacking.
The morning fog held on for most of the day.

The test loop follows the contour of the land West of the corral and works back up to the ridge at the junction of Team Trail and Highline.

Monday brought out Claire on her 09er for a ride through camp with CQ and Llama (Dad) on their 29ers.

For the rest of the day, she didn't stop talking about how she "rides bikes on dirt with Chad".

She didn't want to stop with the easy trails, Claire kept on climbing out of camp. She'll make a great riding companion until she turns 13 and I'm no longer cool.


MG said...

That's so cool... If she likes ridin' with Chad, she must be a downhiller at heart! ;-)

MG said...

Thanks for all of your work, guys!!!