Sunday, December 14, 2008

Winter is not the off season at Potters

Winter in most areas is often considered down time or the "off season". I and a few other riders in the area don't believe that there should be an "off season". As the days get shorter it is time to start rooting through the backs of closets for the "off season" layers of gear that were long forgotten on the first warm day last spring. It is somewhat of a conundrum as to which bike to hit the trails at Potters with this time of year. Do you take the single, gears , or in the case of Llama is it deep enough for the Pugs ? We have been in snow,ice and wind and have even had to hide in a calm sunny portion of canyon just to warm in the winter sun so we could continue on the "frozen toes tour", anticipating the homemade hot chocolate Llama had waiting back in camp. Sometimes its hard to even go because you just know its cold!! But at the end of the day while you let the hot shower warm your bones you realize it was a great day as are all days on the trails !!
Ready to roll !!!!

Llama on Ceder Ridge
The Pugs !!!!
Q rollin on Brians Way
Q on Ceder Ridge


Oscar said...

Hey, Chad. Hope the trails are good around Xmas time. I'll be hanging at the in-laws in Gburg for a few days.

Llama said...

I can't wait to get back on the bike soon. The Sultan is off to Turner and the Pug is all I have now . . . perfect timing, right? I'll be hitting the trainer this week and hoping to rehab enough to be on the trails by Christmas with everyone. That snow ride was awesome.

MG said...

Hell yeah Brothers!! Rip it! I'm gonna' go out and rip through Wilderness Park right now on the El Mariachi singlespeed...

Have a Merry Christmas!


Guitar Ted said...

Looks like fun there guys. That Cedar Ridge shot looks seriously off camber!

CQ said...

Hey Guys !!! I will be gone over the holiday . I wish I was gonna be here because the forecast for the weekend is lookin good for riding Potters. Have fun if you get to ride.